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  • Marie
    April 3, 2019 at 6:52 am

    hi Prashanthi

    For the errors displaying to your site : What PHP server are you using? please note older version 8.9.6 to lower doesn’t work with PHP server version 7.1- higher. Make sure you’re using correct versions

    For version 9 to avoid errors, make sure you’re using PHP server version 7.2. IF you activated version 9 over version 8 and got a message “Please activate your theme with your license key….” , simply go to Premiumpress > Configuration > and click SAVE CHANGES button . This will allow the settings for version 9 to be loaded. Check you homepage , see if the version 9 layout is displaying.

    If still you’re having issues, please create a ticket so I can assist you.

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