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  • Chris
    Newbie 36 points
    April 2, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    I asked the same thing direct to customer service 5 months ago and was told by Customer service Marie I “didn’t need to show coupon images” because the store logo works well enough. Obviously, wrong answer when a single store can offer everything from bikes to “personal massagers” and the codes may only work on a particular item. Coupon level images are required.

    Did you install or build a child theme? You say (default theme). That’s fine, I do too – but use a child theme generator plugin or DYI to make a child theme from the default theme. You will have to edit some templates that you want separate from the core framework otherwise every update will ruin your site.

    When you are working with a child theme I can drop the code info here for you to get those sweet coupon level images.

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