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  • JamesD
    March 31, 2019 at 12:44 am

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you.
    So a perfect beginner dream would be to have 2 registration forms, 2 login buttons on login page pages (1 buyer / 1 service provider) each directing the user to their relevant dashboard after login.
    I’ve taken a peek, yes, it can get in-depth, but other required specifics you may need can also determine how deep. Difficult to say, the request is pretty general.

    Let me ask this… Are you expecting to require users to either be a “seller” or “buyer and have separate exclusive accounts based on that?

    Meaning, if a “seller” decided they wanted to be a “buyer”, they would require to open a new account as a “buyer”. This method doesn’t really seem logical IF users can be both and require two accounts (IMHO).

    I can take a closer look after your response.