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  • Anthony
    Senior Member 334 points
    March 29, 2019 at 12:02 am

    James you are a good man. I just saw this. mark did fix the renewal issue and so far it is working for us thankfully. Now ehen a user logsin and their membership is expired ti spawns a paypal window forcing the user to renew as it should be. Thank you Mark.

    However your offer to create a plugin is something I’m (and many 8X users should be) interested in using the MJ theme.

    What we’d / I’d like to see is the ability to offer a registration page for the purchaser / client user and another for service offering users. I really do not understand why the MJ theme was never set-up that way anyways. Why would anyone want to have the service providers “dashboard” be the same as the “purchasers” or client dashboard? Even the service listing section are in that dashboard and the client does not even need a listing as we do not allow it on our site. Then service offering users would spam the hell out of the “purchasers listings” and profiles. Just makes no sense.

    Not to mention why would we want to use the same registration form to collect the same information on both users? So a perfect beginner dream would be to have 2 registration forms, 2 login buttons on login page pages (1 buyer / 1 service provider) each directing the user to their relevant dashboard after login.

    Then have the dashboard sections be only those desired for the user’s purpose. However likely this is not possible as the theme is probably way to difficult to do this without a complete script redesign. Could a plugin handle all of that? Anyways thank you for sharing with us forum users. :–)

    Truth is after 2 years building around this MJ theme we would have never used it and went with the DT as we do our other site. The idea of letting the buyer and seller work together was attractive but it just did pan out as the theme is not friendly in such a manner for the above not to mention the issues with the work-flow which never works right. Thanks again James.

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