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  • JamesD
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    Kinda vague on the descriptions and I’m not fully understanding your first question. It could be the image itself or css. Could you please elaborate?

    Note: Your best bet would be to provide a URL and state the child theme you’re using. Can make it a lot easier for people to assist.

    Second question… Which text are you referring to? Which “Hero” portion are you using? It can vary by theme and/or settings.

    If you’re talking about all text above the search box (title and sub-text) then you could add something like this to your custom css.
    For the header: .hero-header h1 { text-align: left; }
    Or for the sub-text:
    .hero-header p { text-align: left; }
    Or, for both:
    .hero-header h1, .hero-header p { text-align: left; }

    March 25, 2019 at 11:00 pm
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