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  • JamesD
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    March 23, 2019 at 2:04 am

    While I currently have the time I’d be happy to review a detailed workflow expectation and flowchart with the minimum specs required. Viewing the scope of everything would give me a better idea on the overall structure, expectation and how involved it could be and potentially put a plugin together to handle most/all of your concerns. The more detailed the better. If this would be needed to work with multiple v8 PP themes (like DT & MJ) and a particular theme requires different scenarios/actions to be handled, then be sure to include those as well. (i.e. MJ would have “clients” and “talent” scenarios/options while DT would not offer the same scenarios since it doesn’t have “clients” and “talent” users).

    Set aside the thought of needing to code anything for the moment and think about…

    • As site admin, what would you envision you’d see on a settings page if you needed to set up a specific “denial” scenario? (i.e. display a message, display a HTML message with possibly links or buttons, automatically redirect to a specific page depending on the membership level, specific experience depending on the type of user either “client” or “talent”… etc)
    • What would be all the options, bells-whistles and simplicity you’d expect as a non-coder to complete such a task?
    • What would be all of the “ideal” scenarios you’d like to account for?
    • As one of your users, what type of experience would you envision for them?
    • Would the experience be any different if they were a “client” or are “talent”? How?

    There are so many different scenarios and actions that can be handled when covering something like this. but (at a minimum) the only ones that really matter would be the ones required from the site admin.

    The main objective would be to make things as hands-free as possible for site admin, but offer all the required needs.

    Info can be sent to customphix[@]

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