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  • Anthony
    Senior Member 334 points
    March 22, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    Thank you again James. Your _functions.php filed works to keep them from logging in after we tested it but we can not deny the user access to their account due to the fact it merely denies them access completely. Likely the idea.

    YET it does not allow them to renew their membership. Even if we write text in the Restricted Access text area we know about, we still obviously do not have a way of redirecting them to a renewal page which then recognizes they already have an account and then credits a “renewal memberships” to their current membership account and then reactivates the account from the new renewal date too.

    Gonna have to wait to see if Mark will fix this for us as it works fine on our Cartoon Actors site which is a DT theme similar to this MJ theme we use at United Voice Talent. (the one we are working on with your help) Mark replied today via a ticket he would help fix the issue but we are very concerned this will happen as it has been 2 weeks already and we have been told the site does NOT work that way even though it has before and DOES using the DT theme at our sister site.

    E.g. as shared peeps login and if they are expired and have ignored emails of expiration it prompts the member to renew with a PayPal pop-up window that spawns after login. Stopped doing so on the MJ theme months ago thus the issue at hand.

    Your help with the page-login.php <h4> text message has been very much a blessing. Guess the 2nd issue our expired member renewal matter is a whole other beast! :–)

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