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  • JamesD
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    March 22, 2019 at 9:43 pm


    So placing this _functions.php in the child theme folder will force a check if the membership is expired but will it require them to renew their membership?

    It does the check, but it’s up to you to to determine what and how to handle the access denial. You could put a link within the message settings (mentioned in previous post) to send them to a page to do it, you could make other changes to redirect them if you want… there are many ways and things that can be done, but it’s ultimately up to you. Most of the “heavy lifting” (coding) has been done with this.

    … thinking the _functions.php file you shared address’s that issue correct?

    Yes, you are correct.

    Before we add this file to the MJ-child folder can you share a little more about the method this will resolve other than deny them access to their account?

    Mainly displays the Restricted Access Text message if there isn’t an active membership or expired membership. I cannot account for all potential scenarios, but this would be the core portion to build off of if more options/variations are needed.

    PS…to the above is this still relevant to us being we are using MJ 8.9.7? there is NO _functions.php file in our MJ-child theme folder / directory.

    As I stated before, if the file doesn’t already exist in the child theme directory then upload one I’ve previously attached.

    The file goes in the child theme directory. Depending on the child theme being used can vary the folder location. It’s the ACTIVE child theme directory. There’s only one active child theme.

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