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  • Anthony
    March 22, 2019 at 7:36 pm

    Just saw this reply before writing the above….thank you again. So placing this _functions.php in the child theme folder will force a check if the membership is expired but will it require them to renew their membership? if so then how if they can not access their account?

    I think herein is the issue at hand and why the theme is set-up to allow access to their account even if expired. Zarko had fixed it a year ago so when the user logged in, then moved their browser it would launch a pop-up window requiri8ng paypal payment to renew their account. Somehow that no longer is the case thus the start of this issue on the forum for us.

    Before we add this file to the MJ-child folder can you share a little more about the method this will resolve other than deny them access to their account?

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated by myself and surely others whom are having the same issue like the forum user whom started this thread using the dating theme. Thank you again.

    PS…. as you know we resolved with your help the page-login.php message stating the user must reg or login to purchase services so we are ONLY working now on the membership expiration issue at this time. thinking the _functions.php file you shared address’s that issue correct?

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