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  • Anthony
    March 22, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    You are kind brother. See guess we are amazed today that we are the only user of the MJ and DT themes charging for yearly memberships. Now find out the member is not forced to be renew upon expiration?

    In other words it seems we are told the theme only offers the ability to have the member renew in good faith with a passive renew now button and ONLY if they decide to ethically.

    Also when the yearly membership expires the members account is still active and the admin is not even notified via an email or any method of this expiration.

    Thus a user signs-up, and at the end of the year does not have to renew their membership and the admin never knows it expired. Either I’m drinking too much bourbon or this is the strangest thing ever as ALL site models offering memberships require renewal of memberships to remain active.

    However after 2 years we only now discover this is the case with the MJ and DT? or are we totally lost here as even mark the coder is telling us this is how it works. Therefore not sure what to do as who would use a theme that does not force renewal of memberships after the first year or time frame paid for as a member?

    We would have never build our community around such a theme.

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