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  • JamesD
    March 21, 2019 at 6:17 am

    Just for clarification…
    It seems like overkill when someone would like to make a small change, but ends up dealing with a lot more than expected, as well as loss of time messing around. That’s where Boiler comes in.

    Boiler tries to help simplify the process of creating a child theme for customizing with minimal coding knowledge, but set up to allow more advanced customizations. The process can be frustrating or overwhelming for some. It’s definitely an overall time saver.

    It creates the child theme with at least the minimal files needed to duplicate the original theme. It can still be trimmed down quite a bit more with additional knowledge and coding.

    It creates empty directories to start simulating the structure of the default PP theme. Nice when we need to customize other aspects like design, add custom results to display or needing to edit a non-template file… etc. Most won’t need to even mess with the directories, more so for the advance customization,

    For example, if we wanted to make some sort of design and/or coding change with the a part of the membership form then we need to search the files to find the file that is responsible for displaying the membership portion we need.

    Going through all the directories and files we’ve determined the file needed is in /MJ9/framework/parts/form-memberships.php.

    Next, we check if that file already exists in the child theme directory /CHILD_THEME/framework/parts/form-memberships.php (using same structure). There isn’t one, so we’ll copy the one from the default theme into the child theme directory.

    Note: Every time the default PP theme is updated then you’ll need to make sure any of the files in the child theme haven’t changed in the new update.

    The theme will still run the same and you can safely make changes to the file. If anything goes awry we can always activate the default theme until fixed. If core files were edited then we really wouldn’t have too many options if the site were to crash from a change.

    When we look at the PP theme structure of MJ9 we see this:

    /MJ9/framework/parts/form-memberships.php (the one we need)


    Now, in your case, assuming you used Boiler, then the _functions.php file should have been added, that’s where the code portion would go. We know that the particular file you need to edit is the /MJ9/ajax-modal-login.php file.
    It’s not in the child theme directory /CHILD_THEME/ajax-modal-login.php
    It’s in the /MJ9/ directory, so we copy it into the It’s in the /CHILD_THEME/ directory.

    Does that make a little more sense?

    One should be able to copy/edit just about any file from the default PP theme directory. The key is keeping the same directory structure.

    There are quite a few cool things one can do with the themes, but must dig deeper and a bit more comfortable dealing with sporadic default theme changes/updates.

    My primary objective in this forum is to try and help make others life a little easier and save time/frustration making custom changes without needing to be a codehead. I’m always happy to help those that help themselves.

    Boiler has been updated as well. 🙂

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