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  • JamesD
    February 28, 2019 at 9:38 pm

    Hello Susan,
    You’re welcome.

    Can the code you gave me just be added to the style sheet and the rest left alone (this is what I’ve done), or is it better to replace the original CSS specifying the colour with the code you gave me?

    The way you’ve done it is ideal. It’s always good to avoid changing original and/or core files whenever possible.

    Would you mind pointing me to the code I need to change in order to change the footer and header text colour, link colour and the very light grey area surrounding the header?

    I’m still kind of guessing without knowing the actual elements being used…. try this:

    .ppt-header .container, footer .row { color: #DDDDDD; }

    Note: Replace the #DDDDDD value to the color value needed.

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