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  • JamesD
    February 22, 2019 at 9:04 pm


    I made a change, added “Commission” as a job type alternative, see below and changed this also in an actual job listing. However, I do not see the “Commission” as the new input in the frontend.

    When making changes like this keep in mind that there may be references of settings over multiple files.

    Fortunately for you I only see two files that reference the job type setting. Give this a try….

    The areas that need changed:

    1. Look around lines #517/518 in functions.php.
      $values = array(
      "fulltime" => __("Full-time","premiumpress"),

      Note: I believe this is the one you had changed already.
    2. Around lines #620/621 in functions.php.
      case "parttime": {
    3. Around lines #763/764 in functions.php.
      $c[$o]['listvalues'] = array(
      "fulltime" => __("Full-time","premiumpress"),
    4. Around lines #73/74<s/trong> in _reset.php.
      $fields = array(
      "jobtype" => array('fulltime','parttime','contract','internship','temporary'),

    Note: Be careful when working with core files.

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