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  • Chris
    January 21, 2019 at 6:39 am

    TBH this is not a “FEATURE” this is a “BUG”. As mentioned by OP, the widget doesn’t work properly in general. Even when manually editing the code for WP_Term_Query, you are unable to get the widget to sort anything of value. Ascending, Descending, Count, Name, etc etc etc… the answer is no. On my site, this widget sorts Descending by name starting at K regardless of changes to the query args. (⊙_⊙’) Ironically the same whacky ass “default” order of my store page, and even more suspiciously, the default wonky order of all stores in the admin side. All same same problem. Not alphabetically, not by count, not even by creation / modified date. mystery order.

    Please fix this widget’s sorting, and the stores page default listing. and the stores order on the admin side. It all appears to be the same problem… There is a “Feature” request lol under the title “Make Store / Category lists in admin areas Alphabetically ordered” here:
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    Please go give it upvotes and comments