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  • JamesD
    December 24, 2018 at 10:41 pm


    Yes, Elementor would be ideal (I think that’s the direction Marks heading) and can make things easier IF the widgets are designed to allow changes. It doesn’t help when PP widgets don’t offer proper settings/options to make minimal changes. A lot can be done with Elementor, but the integration still lacks between the themes and Elementor (IMHO).

    Do you recommend that I build on child themes instead of the Original templates?

    If you have any intention to make ANY type of custom changes to any of the default/core theme files, then yes. With the child theme you won’t have to worry about your custom changes being automatically be overwritten after a theme update.

    It would probably be ideal in the long run. Either way when changes are made adverse effects can still happen, you’ll just be protected a bit.

    The main thing would be to keep an eye on on any of the child theme files that were copied from core theme. If changes are made to them then they’ll need to be updated manually.

    If you like you can try the attached skeleton child theme of the default Directory theme. I’ve tried to simplify and minimize the files needed, just be sure you test to ensure nothing is missing/broken. Let me know the specifics if you hit any speed bumps.

    The default theme uses yellow for the buttons/footer. This file is ‘footer-2.php’. This is what the skeleton is currently setup to use as well. I placed a copy of the ‘footer-1.php’ in there just in case. It’s not needed if not being used, so you can delete if you want.

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