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  • JamesD
    December 24, 2018 at 2:40 am

    Hello Naveed,

    Thanks for sharing Naveed, such the optimist! Good for you to maintain that mindset! (seriously)

    I believe that PP devs are working are their *bing* off with developments

    Personally, I no longer agree. I tried to be positive for years, but now I know that nothing has changed (as far as how PremiumPress company functions) so I seriously doubt things will change too much in the future. It’s a serious unjust to his , especially the non-tech ones (IMHO). One can say software is stable, but that doesn’t make it stable. I think it’s unacceptable to expect customers to accept and use shoddy/buggy software.

    There are good things about the themes, but the general functioning of the PP company seems dysfunctional with minimal concern for customers, if not neglect to some.

    You’ve been around long enough Naveed to know what I’m referring to. Just like bugs will be worked on until the next version, in which customers will need to go through the same thing with new buggy software that’s claimed to be stable. It’s been going on since at least v5 I believe. Sad reality.

    This, of course, is just my own thoughts/opinion as of today. If I ever needed their support I’d be pretty livid. I feel pretty bad for the non-techs and/or peeps that need support from PP. Hopefully some day it’ll “click” and positive/more proactive changes will be made.

    but still it’s our duty to point out or fix any issues if possible

    I disagree nowadays. Seems like that’s the expectation that comes from PP. From my experience, info passed on just falls on deaf ears. They just need to actually get a stable release out and not needing to always update because of bugs. I feel they need to invest more time in trying to support their customers too.

    I don’t it happens to everyone or just me.

    Nope, not you. Just one of the many bugs. This happens with other data too, PP themes still leave a bunch of previous junk when switching to another PP theme/child theme.

    I tried multiple times, but same. For this here is a short fix.

    Looks like there’s’ an issue with the logo hook function. This adds “alternative” text to the anchor (link) that wraps the logo. Not sure how this could fix the missing image. Was that your intention? If you’re still having issues then feel free to let me know and I’d be happy to help.

    Question of the day… Will this be post remain or be deleted? Kinda have the feeling it’ll be the latter. 😉

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