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  • Dinesh
    October 15, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    1. Users can see others Users CV and are able to Select them as their own
    Job Seekers can see other users CV’s when they are in their Job Centre and they click on “My Resume”

    2. Status updates
    When an employer updates a job seekers application to either (Approved, Under Review, Rejected, In progress), the only ones that works is Approved and Rejected.
    – Please can the word rejected be changed to unsuccessful

    3. Registering as a New User – Very Confusing. Defaults to Employer
    Registering for the first time is really confusing. Currently, a user can register in several ways:
    (a) Through selecting Register
    (b) Through the Login or Sign Up Screen then selecting Register
    (c) The template where they can chose As a Employer or Job Seeker

    If they register through the template, they can choose whether to select whether they are the Employer or Job Seeker – HOWEVER, if they chose (a) or (b), it takes them to what appears to be a generic login screen. However, when a user registers using this, they register as an Employer. For a first time user, this can be really confusing.

    4. New Users can Login or Register when they are already logged in
    When a user is logged in and they click on “Login in” or “Sign Up” or “Register” there is no message to say that they are already logged in, or are already registered, and it allows them to login and register again

    5. A new user can register their details from another users account without the user having to log out.

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