Payment Options?

  • Ron
    Newbie 3 points

    Ironic, I can’t get PayPal Standard to work either, I get error can’t accept payment fro US choose another method or must have PayPal Business to use this , which I have. I’v been trying for months to get the PayPal Standard included in Directory Theme Ver 8+++ to no avail. Read ov er all PayPay documentation still not working. Contacted support and was given a towel. Told me they couln’t log in using the credentials I gave them to contact my hosting company, when I politely eplained to them they had to log into my admin using not through the login the website offers they still blamed my hosting. We need Mark Fail to step up to the plate and resolve these issues.

    Ron Schmidli

    October 7, 2018 at 6:43 pm
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