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  • Richard Bonk Richard Bonk

    Missing features in VideoTheme 9

    When I downloaded the latest VT9 – it differs greatly from the demo site. Mainly I could not find the option for setting up the ‘teaser..

  • Frank Frank

    FAQ page change or edit text on the left side.

    How do I change or edit the text on the left side of FAQ page? Cocoabeachvacationhome FAQ I’m sure it’s simple but I can’t find the ..

  • Michael Michael

    VTA Video Update ETA

    Hi Mark, How are you? I noticed that you have the live demo for the updated Video Theme 9.0 + up but it’s not in the membership downloads area. ..

  • Liz Liz

    Adult Content – Horrifying in Video Theme Demo @ Mark please remove adult content. I was looking at the Premium press Video theme demo with two 11 year olds w..

  •  Justin

    Video Theme Installation for a Beginner – help adding pre-installed content

    I’m new at this and installed the Video Theme. Is there a way to install the content seen in the Demo? It is easier for me to make changes to ex..

  • Andre Andre

    Video theme as memebership site only

    Hi, I want a rather simple setup. I list videos. they see its cool stuff, with teaser content and then they click on video link to want to see full vi..

  •  Andre

    Video theme child theme has no main heading, no slider or so

    Hi, and sorry, using the video standard theme. Which is the child theme in the demo setup. I want to have a prominent slider, like in the predefined e..

  •  samer

    mobile web version

    hi how can i contact the video owner on front page mobile version cant see any contact form..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Show Membership AND Lisitng Options on Registration?

    Is it not possible to show users of my site both the membership option AND listing options before OR during registration? Can there not be a select me..

  •  sushant

    Unable to install child theme properly

    Hello, I havee purchased video theme. And I want to activate the child theme – Gym Tutorial. When i tried, i got the error “The requested ..

  • Lauren Lauren

    hide title, description and keyword fields?

    Hello, I have a general question about all themes. Any way to hide the title, description and keyword mandatory fields area under “Add listing&#..


    need help for bug player and various modifications

    I just bought the video theme and am a little lost … My first question: -> on the basic theme (import of datas), in home page, the videos are..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Page Builder Edit and Save Error

    Over the last few weeks our page builders on ALL sites and 5 machines, will NOT save edits 75% of the time. See image attached for error. it tells us ..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Page Builder Will Not Create / Insert Text Links

    Hi we are having an issue where we can not add / insert a LINK using page builder add link tab. See image… Once we add a text widget, open the t..

  • Mike Mike

    Thumbnail Video Images

    How is the thumbnail created on the search results. Is this automatic? How does one have to upload the video to ensure a smaller thumbnail is created?..


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