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  • Randy Randy

    How to change "Property Types" on the Advanced Search Menu – RT9

    This only works on the ” ADVANCED SEARCH” … Will not work on Home Page Search ———————̵..

  •  Becca

    V9 and property types

    Where do I go in the files to change the property types? I would like to change the detached, attached, etc to my own options..

  • Peter Peter

    Double Logo

    I am getting a double logo showing on the top of my main page. and the second issue is when i add a menu the design get’s completely ruined. I h..

  • Damien Damien

    Child Themes for Real Estate Theme

    Any time line for when a child theme will be added for the Real Estate Theme? I am still having issues with the search for Real Estate Theme also..

  • Damien Damien

    Real Estate Theme Google API/ Search

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with why my search is not working. I have enabled the Google Maps API. I was using this same key wi..

  •  Karl Raimond

    URGENT: can't change/renew listing

    Hey, I just launched my website, and found out it’s not possible to change/renew a listing – while clicking on “change/renew listing..

  • Peter Peter

    Real Estate V9.1 Bugs

    Hi Mark, I saw the updates of the RT9.1 and it’s fix the bugs of the backend missed “Design” function tab. However the page edit pro..

  • Damien Damien

    Real Estate Them 9 issues

    Love the look of the theme just trying to get everything sorted to get my site back up. After searching a property the search bar does not show the te..

  •  Karl Raimond

    How to hide [listtype]

    Hey, I have trouble hiding [listtype] in the listings, how can I remove it? Screenshot below...

  • Sean Sean

    How to make Design options appear?

    Does anybody know the design bug fix? I’ve gone through the site, played around, checked and saved eberything and still I cannot get the Design ..

  •  James

    Amenities in V9 June 12 2018

    Hi, I’m using a fresh install of V9 Real State (version updated June 12 2018), and amenities don’t work. I go edit any listing, check some..

  • Ion Ion

    V.9 Child themes

    Hello, I want to start new project using v9 real estate theme but I am not really happy with the default theme. Any plans to provide some more attract..

  •  Becca

    Child Theme

    I am having issues installing the child theme in v8 of the real estate template. Any ideas?..

  •  Karl Raimond

    How can I remove [listtype]

    Hi, how can I remoce [listtype] from listing? screenshot below..

  • Frank Frank

    Can't Find Option to assign a Different Homepage in Version 9

    Where do I find the option to assign any page as my home page? In the old version, I will go to > Design Setup > select Homepage. Sometimes you ..


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