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  •  Angela

    How to start from scratch?

    Hello, I could not find an answer in the documentation. When I install a downloaded theme from premiumpress, all the demo content will be also install..

  • William William

    How to change "Property Type" on Add post page & homepage ?

    Hello, anyone can help how to change this ? thank you before.. Regards..

  • Rob Rob

    Listing Page > Google Maps > Change default from "street view" to "map view"

    Hi! As per the title, it seems like for each listing the default display is “street view”. Is there a way to swap them around so “ma..

  •  omer

    Advanced search stuck on UK address

    The advanced search page is stuck on the following and cannot be changed: Property in New Queen St, Scarborough YO12 7HJ, UK Search results will be ba..

  • Mario Mario

    New Update Versión: 9.2.5 Mobile Site Issues

    Hi Mark; Just Updated to the most recent version and the mobile site is just showing a blank screen, is just my site or everyone else?..

  •  julio

    the search does not work without google map

    I get this answer “Google Maps is Disabled! Aww yeah, you need to enable Google Maps for this feature to work. Login to the admin area and under..

  •  julio

    remove pop-up window

    how can I remove this pop-up window ? see archive Real Estate Theme Versión: 9.2.3..

  •  Becca

    V9 and property types

    Where do I go in the files to change the property types? I would like to change the detached, attached, etc to my own options..

  • Damien Damien

    Real Estate listing imports

    Does anyone know of any plugins that could be used or easy ways to import current live listings from other sources like or Is t..

  • Randy Randy

    How to change "Property Types" on the Advanced Search Menu – RT9

    This only works on the ” ADVANCED SEARCH” … Will not work on Home Page Search ———————̵..

  • Peter Peter

    Double Logo

    I am getting a double logo showing on the top of my main page. and the second issue is when i add a menu the design get’s completely ruined. I h..

  • Damien Damien

    Child Themes for Real Estate Theme

    Any time line for when a child theme will be added for the Real Estate Theme? I am still having issues with the search for Real Estate Theme also..

  • Damien Damien

    Real Estate Theme Google API/ Search

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with why my search is not working. I have enabled the Google Maps API. I was using this same key wi..

  •  Karl Raimond

    URGENT: can't change/renew listing

    Hey, I just launched my website, and found out it’s not possible to change/renew a listing – while clicking on “change/renew listing..

  • Peter Peter

    Real Estate V9.1 Bugs

    Hi Mark, I saw the updates of the RT9.1 and it’s fix the bugs of the backend missed “Design” function tab. However the page edit pro..

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