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  •  William

    Home page widgets disappear

    I am new to WordPress and need some help I am working with a child theme from the main music theme and I chose a popular layout which consists of a ca..

  •  William

    How resize images so they are all the same size.

    Where do I go to adjust the image size so that all the images in the gallery are the same size?..

  •  William

    Audio player

    Can you add a different audio player to the user, so they can add more then one song, plus have their song selections listed. Any suggested plugins?..

  • Edmund Edmund

    Theme conflict with plugin

    Good day, I urgently need a resolution with a conflict which I am having with an important plugin called Ultimate Member. ..

  • J Michael J Michael

    Auto Updated 8.2 to 8.3. Update failed. Now site is down.

    What do I do to get it back?

  •  Salvatore

    Listing Display

    Is there anything other than short code for the listing display. Is there html markups we can pull from so we can build in a html editor and then put ..

  •  Timothy

    Updating Music Theme from 8.2 to 8.3

    Why after I delete 8.2 theme and upload 8.3, does it still indicate that the theme is 8.2. I delete the 8.2 theme and then upload new theme downloaded..

  • Trevor Trevor

    Would this be suitable for podcasts/live streaming?

    Just curious if anyone who uses this theme knows if this would be good to use as stated in the title? Thinking of doing a ‘radio station’ ..

  • Reese Reese

    Directory Theme update showing in the music theme

    Why the Responsive Directory Theme update showing in the music theme as a update???? SMH..

  • J Michael J Michael

    Want to add the ability to sample and sell music downloads to the music theme.

    Has anyone done this and what is the best way to add the ability for people to sample and then purchase music listed on the music theme? What is the b..

  • Mike Mike

    Error Code

    In trying to sign in to the account manager we get this error: Warning: mysql_query(): No such file or directory in /home/wp_atfpx2/

  • Reese Reese

    Music Theme UPDATE??? showing the DT update

    Whats going on with the MT?? WordPress say it’s a update!! but showing the DT update..

  • Mike Mike

    Expiry Settings

    So I am looking to import listings from a 3rd party client. I know I can add an expiry date using listing_expiry …in order to have the listings ..

  • Mike Mike

    Listing Carousel Does Not Appear To Work

    Have tried to apply the listing carousel on several Themes and it does not appear to randomise using: orderby=IDorder=desc&posts_per_page=8 Can an..

  • Mike Mike

    Google Search Results Map Always Display

    On V8.2 Google Search Results Map Always Display. I have switched off Google Maps- but the map always appears still open when searching. Is this a bug..

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