Micro Jobs Theme

  • Anthony Anthony

    Micro-job Memberships MUST BE FREE?

    USING A MICRO-JOBS OR DIRECTORY THEME WITH MEMBERSHIPS? READ ON AND SHARE THOUGHTS!!! It appears after years using the PP themes that paid memberships..

  • Pietro Pietro

    Refund Process on Microjobs theme

    Hi, Could anyone please explain how the job refund works? Thank you. Pietro..

  • Pietro Pietro

    Feedback system on Microjob V9 – Multiple feedback on same listing

    Hi, While testing the theme, I noticed that once a microjob has been bought and delivered, both users (seller and buyer) can leave more than one feedb..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Addition of Login Header Message Area

    Can anyone help us figure out how to add this message to the top of our wp-login.php page? Currently when a visitor clicks on the purchase of a member..

  • Pietro Pietro

    Microjojob V9 – workdesk wrongly showing activity

    Hi again, Need some help/clue please. On the main menu (see pic) the workdesk icon shows a pending activity even if there’s nothin to be attenti..

  • Pietro Pietro

    Cashout issue

    Hi forum! too many things here… on the cashout process: If a user requests an amount higher than is balance, the request is forwarded anyhow to ..

  • Pietro Pietro

    Buggy things on

    Hi, im completing the setup and tuning of MJ9 with Micro2 child theme. On sigle listing page I found some bugs (see attached pic): 1. Instead of day t..

  •  puneet

    Find neay by seller using google maps

    My motive to hire local and find local is that possible i have attach a demo screenshot can we customize like this http://prntscr.com/mypnxz..

  • Pietro Pietro

    Category list not scrolling

    Hi all! I installed Microjo theme with Micro 2 child theme. I noticed that the categories shown on the bar right under the logo are not scrolling as i..

  • Pietro Pietro

    how to hide company info

    Hi all! Does anyone know how to hide company info (address, phone, fax and ceo name) from about us page? Thakn you, Pietro..

  • Azhari Azhari

    Micro Jobs with Affiliate Plugin

    Hi Mark & Friends, Anybody have try to install Affiliate plugin like – AffiliateWP or other affiliate plugin? Maybe can share, how the affil..

  •  puneet

    User Register setup Google GPS location

    I want when any user register to site in the signup page it must get a option to show its google gps location . so in the maps any buyer can find a ne..

  •  Carmit

    How to remove date from blog posts. MJ9?

    Need your help to remove the date from the blog posts..

  •  tim

    Callback pages

    Hi, we are trying to create a custom method to pay. we have a small issue. we are trying to create a callback success using a new payment gateway. All..

  • Azhari Azhari

    can i edit Author Page?

    Hi, can i edit Author page using elementor template?..


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