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  • Dinesh Dinesh

    Login Screen – Terms and Conditions

    When users login in the check box is not appearing in terms of agreeing to terms and conditions. This allows users to login without agreeing to T&..

  • Damien Damien

    Job Search Question

    Is there a way to make the main search on the homepage perform a search of “all categories” and how can I make it search without having so..

  •  Michelle

    Jobboard Templates

    I have copied jobboard templates to the child theme(which by the way I love). I would like to make changes, but when I do that and rename it. All pare..

  •  Michelle

    Which Support system works well with premuimpress.

    Before I look for go looking for a support system and find one that I like. I thought I would ask here. I don’t want to go looking for one and t..

  •  Sandra

    Language setup – Language switcher switched on – drop down menu is not showing

    Hi, I wachted the video about the Language setup – Language switcher switched on – drop down menu is not showing. Can you help me. I am tr..

  • Gerard Gerard

    Map (worldwide) showing jobs listings

    Hello, Could someone recommend to me a maps plugin that would show all jobs listings on a worldwide map? Or, perhaps another solution that would have ..

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    Top Navigation Menua

    Hi PremiumPress 9.2.4 – Job Theme In version 8, there were three menu option in all themes: Top Navigation Main Navigation Footer Links The Top ..

  • Gerard Gerard

    Job Board – change jop types

    Hello, In jobboard where could I chahge or add the job type field (Full-time etc.) Appreciate your input! Thanks Gerard..

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    9.2.1 – Issues with Job Board

    1. Users can see others Users CV and are able to Select them as their own Job Seekers can see other users CV’s when they are in their Job Centre and..

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    Cannot Register New Members

    Job Board – Version 9.2.4 When a new member tries to register, an error message saying the security question has been answered incorrectly. Ther..

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    Confusing Registering Screens

    Registering for the first time is really confusing. Currently, a user can register in several ways: (a) Through selecting Register (b) Through the Log..

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    Option for not letting Employers Register

    Job Board 9.2.1 Is there an option or a way in which Employers can’t Register. I would like to use the job board so that employers contact me an..

  • Ricardo Ricardo

    Job Center Problem

    Hi guys I have a problem with “job center” When I click on “Update Application Status”, the number does not change in the stat..

  • Ricardo Ricardo

    Problem translate

    Hi Guys I have a problem translating the theme to pt-BR. There are some terms that did not exist in the po and mo file. I’m using Loco Translate..

  • Ricardo Ricardo

    Step by step to create a child theme in JB9

    Hello, It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’m working with JB9, but I have not found a Child Theme available. Would you take a ..

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