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  •  Nicola

    Theme Update

    Hello, updating the theme overwrites even the png files i had replace like the logo, also it delete all files in the directory like logo.png.original,..

  •  ppt_markopo108-04-19_93962442

    This theme doesn't work

    I opened a support ticked one week ago to resolve issues with this theme and I don’t think that anyone logged in to try to resolve problems. I c..

  •  Nicola

    How to remove add product and signup/in block

    Hello, Elementor only allow to remove that block from homepage, i want them gone on the whole site, is it possible?..

  •  Mateus

    Image is too small

    I get this message when I send an ad. I would like to remove this setting, but I can not find where I can remove it. It annoying has a specific size o..

  •  Nicola

    SO9 shortcode in product

    Hello, I have installed a plugin for timed content which show/hide content inside a post using a shortcode. The problem is Product ‘post’ ..

  •  Nicola

    Download Theme 9 child

    Hello, is it possible to make a child theme for the default theme in SO9? is there a tutorial or something ready to download and install? cannot find ..


    How to sell videos?

    There’s anyway to sell videos?..

  •  JAMES

    Digital Downloads Theme – Avangate has old version (6.6.6)

    It seems I been given the wrong version. I was wondering why support was giving me the wrong information every time I asked for a location of somethin..

  •  Holger

    City Search (Not Linked) shows only a big gray field. No City names are displaye

    Hi together, i want to give our visitors the opertunity to select a city without knowing the state where this city is. I thought I only have to select..

  •  Meng

    I need to install the Sample Email Template

    Hi,Premium Press Team! Please help me to install the sample email template in my Download Theme. I hope to see your reply soon. Kind regards, Meng Pis..

  •  Yajaira

    Issue with social interaction

    Hi I installed in localhost and even on one of my servers and even your demo don’t work properly, anytime I try either ..

  • Sean Sean

    Download Counter

    Does anyone know if a ‘Download Counter’ can be activated for each listing to show how many times that particular item has been downloaded..

  •  costin

    Download theme issues

    I can’t change the header logo. Otherwise is easier to setup then shopping cart...

  •  Vladian

    Product visible by visitors without membership level

    Hello it bothers me that the product downloads are not visible to visitors if the access level is set to some membership level any way to make the pro..

  •  BEKA

    Custom Field not showing on listing page

    Hello, I filled all custom fields of listing, but Website Link not showing on listing page, how can i fix this?..

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