Dating Theme

  • Brenda Brenda

    expired memberships

    Is there a way to have an expired membership not go into their account area until they renew it? As it sits now, all expired memberships have access t..

  •  Thomas

    Merge Membership and Profile into one-step UI

    I had a look around the forum to see if has been brought up. Didn’t see anything. Background: testing has shown that users often create a member..

  •  Robert

    Dating theme settings

    I have items under “dating theme settings” set to not show. For example ethnicity, but it is still showing on the membership form. Has any..

  •  Robert

    Virtual Gifts

    I see virtual gifts are part of membership but I don’t see where you access them or how they work. Any input is appreciated...

  •  Robert


    A couple of questions. On membership package there is no submission items where I can set number of listing for a package. I am guessing I have someth..

  •  Thomas

    Elementor Version 2.4.7 Issues

    Is anyone experiencing issues with the latest Elementor version 2.4.7 I’m having to use safe mode plus the Premiumpress Blocks are not showing i..

  •  Thomas

    Pre-existing user Profiles Modified When Theme installed

    I purchased the dating theme today and have been working on getting it set up. Several issues to solve. First Issue: I have a brand new install of wor..

  •  Robert

    How can I change what can be uploaded?

    I prefer to have some control of the size and type of files uploaded. IE… don’t want video uploaded. How can I make that change? Will it n..

  •  Robert


    When I try to add the menu to the top of the page it causes pages to wrap the text below the menu. Is this normal? What am I doing wrong? Should I add..

  •  Nicolien

    48 hours default test account for new members

    Hi guys, I am using the new version of the dating theme to setup a new website. I would like to know how i can make it so that new subscribers are imm..

  •  Robert

    Newsletter subscribe at bottome of template.

    I am trying to figure out were to edit the newsletter subscribe banner. I don’t see it on my template but it shows up on the home page. Where is..

  •  Jacob

    Changing Search Options

    I was wondering if there is anyway to disable fields for the search option. My site doesn’t really need couples to join, and I would like to rem..

  •  javier


    Excuse me I am Spanish not speak English use translator … please help .. Video link at the end message to explain better.. THEME: DATING 9.0 WOR..

  •  mstel

    Profile Box

    Hi, I know the old version of Dating theme, without elementor. Excellent and professional theme. In my opinion, elementor is a good page builder but n..

  •  Jacob

    Memberships Not Functional

    The test accounts that I’ve created were all using a trial membership package, which gave access to the site for 7 days. The seven days are up, and ..


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