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  •  ppt_fabrice30-06-19_99139886

    How to remove…

    Hi there, 1. it’s possible to remove this 2 “widgets” from profile ? (see membership) 2. i have a blank space in “my message&#..

  •  ppt_fabrice30-06-19_99139886

    How to remove lines

    Hello, i try to remove line in my menu, but i don’t see where can you help me please ?..

  •  Robert

    Captcha for contact from

    I am getting spammed through the contact form. I thought there was a captcha but I work on a lot of different themes so I must be mistaken. Has anyone..

  •  Ben

    502 Gateway Error – Site unusable

    This theme continues to generate a 502 gateway error when anyone logins using the /wp-login.php page. Admin log is possible using /wp-admin It has eff..

  •  victor

    How to Change these two color sections

    I have tried to change these pink colors from the customize section and in the elementor section but they remain the same, how do i change them to a d..

  •  victor

    How to Add Categories in the Search Field

    I have created a category (Profiles ->Categories) and given that the search field is already fixed. how do i make the category section to also appe..

  •  Ben

    Dating Site – questions on basic configuration

    Hello, I’ve raised a ticket for all these but thought I’d post it here in case existing users can answer more quickly and add additional i..

  •  Ben

    Dating SIte – Editing The Home Page

    I’m new to this theme so please excuse the newbie questions. I know how to use WP and have built other sites using a variety of themes. First of..

  •  victor

    How to add more values on the seeking for section

    In the section ‘seeking’or ‘looking for’ there are only three options: male, female, couple. How do i add more values say tran..

  •  victor

    How do you display Taxonomies on profile Page

    I created two new taxonomies: one for height and the other for profession. How do i get them to display on the add listing section and also on the pro..

  •  Amit

    Login page is not redirecting to My account page after Facebook login

    I have enabled Facebook login in my site The problem is whenever I am trying to login with Facebook it works on first ti..

  • Joshua Joshua

    problem setting location for imported listings

    I’m ready to launch my site and need to import a huge list of users who are on our waiting list. Each user has a location. When importing using ..

  •  Lars-Gunnar

    9.2.6 Update includes what?

    Is there any way to see what the difference is between the 9.2.5 and 9.2.6 Dating theme? I just had mine …5 theme fixed so that when a man seeki..

  • Brenda Brenda

    expired memberships

    Is there a way to have an expired membership not go into their account area until they renew it? As it sits now, all expired memberships have access t..

  •  Thomas

    Merge Membership and Profile into one-step UI

    I had a look around the forum to see if has been brought up. Didn’t see anything. Background: testing has shown that users often create a member..

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