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  •  Robert

    Problem loading ad banners

    I’ve added my advertising banners to the media file, and when I load them from the media file into the ad banner area, they don’t appear o..

  • Francois Francois

    New Release

    I just want to know when and can we expect a new release (Version 9) of the Car Dealer Theme? Thank you...

  •  Robert

    Trouble Loading Jpgs for listings

    I have a car dealer theme and having trouble Loading Jpgs for listings. I tried to set-up a test listing before going live and when I try to load jpgs..

  •  elizabeth

    Change price colours in car theme

    If possible could someone tell me how to change the price colour (please see image) I’d like to go from the light grey currently shown to black..

  •  elizabeth

    Change advanced search icons on front page

    I’d like to try to find out how I might change both these icons and/or the descriptions of them – this is because I want to tailor the sit..

  • Meenatchi Sundaram Meenatchi Sundaram

    Indian currency 1000 separator

    I need to currency to look like this 1,00,00,000.00 like this. Can anyone help?..

  • Igor Igor

    How can I change the number of words in the news announcements?

    I want to increase the number of words in the announcements of the blog. How can I do this?..

  • Sven Sven

    Advantages of using Ctype over Categories?

    Hello. I have been trying to get an answer from Support about the advantages of using the Ctype field instead of creating Categories, but so far the o..

  •  Steven

    Make/ Model feature

    I installed the car dealer theme and it has a few of the make and models listed, but one you get past mercedes the models are not there is there a com..

  • Igor Igor


    I am doing a site in Russian. When I replace the text in the code English to Russian (Cyrillic) (It’s class_shortcodes.php file located in folde..

  • Igor Igor

    How I can do this?

    I want to replace words, that I have marked arrows in an attachment on the other words. How I can do this?..

  • Igor Igor

    How I can replace text within the ad unit?

    How I can replace text within the ad unit? See in an attachment...

  • Igor Igor

    If I publish a new news, then the layout of the main page is shifted.

    I have the following problem. If I publish a new news, then the layout of the main page is shifted...

  •  Wilma

    Images take ages to upload

    Hi I have a car dealer Theme and if my clients load images, the images are not resized. For 10 images of a 4000×3000 size it take about 5 minutes..

  • Igor Igor

    Problem with responsive design for small screens

    I see the problem with responsive design for small screens (smartphones and 11′ netbooks). The screens have horizontal scrolling. Banners do not..

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