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  •  ppt_robsuyat14-06-19_98932419

    Blank Payment form

    i have tried the blank payment form plugin but i do not receive any email, do you have a fix or alternate plugin..

  • James James

    Auction Price

    Hi, How can I make the auction price bold on the homepage and search listings? I tried the code below, but it changed all the muted text to bold…..

  •  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484

    Change color of countdown

    Hello, somebody can tell me how to change the color ou the countdown? Thank you..

  •  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484

    Change icon account page

    Hello, somebody know how to change icons of this page ‘my account’ Thank you...

  •  ppt_curriearmand18-06-19_98447112

    Edit home page of auction v9 green bid child theme

    Hello there , Please assist.. I want to edit / delete some parts of the home page and add a different part. Please check the attached for the block of..

  • James James

    Seller Can Buy Now

    I noticed that a seller can use the buy now on their own listing, how can I fix this so that it’s not possible for sellers to purchase their own..

  • James James

    Auction Length

    Hi, I’m having a problem with the option on the listing page where the user selects the “Auction Length” and one of the options is &..

  • James James

    Listing Tags

    When a user adds tags to their listing they are displayed twice on the listing page, once in the listings description (highlighted in the attached ima..

  • James James

    My Location

    Under the user’s profile >> My Details there is no option for the user to add a City to their address, how can I fix this? Thank you..

  •  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484

    Change format of the date in widget auction homepage

    Hi, I use the AT9 auction theme. i want to change the “d” for Days of the date by “j” (for my langage) This appear on my homep..

  •  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484

    Favorites auction AT9

    Hello, when i clic on follow this auction I obtain this message [object Object] Somebody have an idea? thx..

  •  John

    Buy now listing showing CURRENT BID $0

    I’ve just started using the auction theme and I’m having a bit of trouble with the buy now listings. When a user lists a product with a bu..

  •  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484

    _auction folder in child theme

    Hello, I use the AT9 auction theme, I want to modify one function in function.php of _auction folder in my child theme. I add this in the function.php..

  • David David

    Edit listing not working

    Hello, I have updated to the latest auction theme and have noticed a problem with editing the listing. Once I list an item then try to revise or edit ..

  •  ppt_pgrivot19-05-19_96287484


    Hello, I don’t understand how to change the size of the website logo I try to change in files css.plugins.css in: http://localhost:8888/wordpres..

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