Auction Theme

  •  Roy

    Listing duration vs Auction length

    I’m confused by the settings. I have set up a listing package for a 7 day lisiting. But when a memeber selects this package they can set the Auc..

  •  Roy

    Auction site exchange

    If you have created a site with the Auction Theme please post your link. I believe it will be helpful to us all to see how others are building their s..

  •  Roy

    PayPal sandbox

    I just did a test membership payment. PayPal sandbox accepted the payment and stated that a receipt would be sent. I clicked Return to Merchant but th..

  • Stoly Stoly

    Search plugin for tags?

    What is a good plugin to search for tags as well as description and title. Currently, I’ve used Search Everything, Relevanssi and search IQ. The..

  • Ryan Ryan

    Paypal API isnt working

    Once again im left to figure things out on my own since support and tickets hasnt helped.. im using the paypal adaptive payment gateway and paypal pay..

  •  Roy

    Problem with Add Listing and notification

    I have set up all the emails and the PayPal payment plugins; activated for sandbox mode. When I click Add Listing in the main menu I am directed to lo..

  •  Roy

    Memberships and listings

    Can members use different listing packages or is each membership package restricted to only one type of listing package? It appears as though I can on..

  •  Roy

    Number of Available Listings

    When a member re-lists, is it counted as a new lisiting? For instance, if we offer a membership package of 100 listings, are re-listings deducted from..

  •  Roberto

    Max bid don't work in the last version 1.9.6

    I test this option in the last version and is not working...

  •  Roberto

    Soft Close System don't work

    This don’t working as you describe in your page, “If there are users bidding on the auction item within the last 3 minutes of the auction ..

  •  Roy

    Auction theme registration

    In the Auction Theme v 8.9.7, does the user have to select a membership if they just want to register but not add any listings? It seems that the user..

  •  Roy

    Display Year in descending order

    I have a Year taxonomy. I imported the list of years with bulkpress and the years were listed in descening order with 2019 as the first entry (top). A..

  •  Roy

    Custom taxonomies

    Can we add more than 10 custom taxonomies? How?..

  •  Dusan


    Is it possible to remove or replace Prettyphoto lightbox with something else? Reason is because its duplicating images (if i have 2 carousels with sam..

  • Pamela Pamela

    Buyers VS Sellers & Membership Packages

    auctionpress is the theme I am using. I am going to try and make this as simple as possible because I am thoroughly confused. I understand the need fo..

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