Auction Theme

  •  Ryan

    Size of images

    On my homepage, I have a ‘Recent Auctions’ section (which is an auction carousel). I have added a screenshot of this below. How do I make ..

  •  Brian

    Post carousel

    Hello, Is there a way to leave the navigation arrows visible, but to keep the carousel from rotating the images/posts? I want the user to choose if th..

  •  Ryan

    Remove header and footer

    Hiya, I have the Auction theme, and I was wondering whether there is any way to completely remove BOTH the header and footer from my homepage design? ..

  •  Brian

    How to display time/date auction ends from listing page?

    Hello, The auction listing page for the item displays when the auction started like this: Auction Started: February 25, 2019 10:15 AM Is there an easy..

  •  Keegan

    Listing Enhancements

    Hi When i had an earlier version of auction theme, i have multiple listing enhancements that i could charge customers for. Such as > > Featured ..

  •  Brian

    Background to cover full page?

    Hello, I added the following to my stylesheet in my child theme on 8.9.6 which I thought would stretch the background to cover the whole page: body { ..

  •  Brian

    New user registration questions

    Hi Folks, A few questions. I didn’t realize it until today when I started created a few test registrations on my site, but it seems that new acc..

  • Katalin Katalin

    Account for sale

    Hello, I sell my account as I do not use Premium Press anymore. I have Auction and Directory themes. Total price for the account (i.e. for both themes..

  •  Brian

    How to order auctions by end date?

    I’d like for auctions to show from the listings page from left to right with the order by soonest to expire followed by ones that will expire la..

  •  Brian

    Make category show up on listing page ABOVE customer fields

    The category (shown with header “variety” here) is displaying in the table below at the bottom. Description is not required, but when ther..

  •  Brian

    After update to AT9 get activate message

    Just updated to at9. Upon installing the new framework, didn’t get a chance to activate, but just keep getting the message “Please activat..

  •  Chris

    How to show bid history?

    Hello. I have looked all over, but I can’t see where I can enable visitors / members to see the bid history on my auction site. I have the lates..

  •  Brian

    Anything to keep in mind while updating to Auction theme v9?

    I’m going to try and update later today and want to know what could possibly go wrong. I know that I made 1 or 2 changes on templates, and assum..


    erro the install clothes auction

    i try install the theme but sendme error for noot looking the father theme..

  •  Jesus

    Refresh Max bid

    Hello Please I need help inmediately When a bidder makes an offer, it appears as such in the bid history. But nevertheless, in the front the previous ..


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