Auction Theme

  •  John

    Buy now listing showing CURRENT BID $0

    I’ve just started using the auction theme and I’m having a bit of trouble with the buy now listings. When a user lists a product with a bu..

  •  Roy

    Multiple listing packages

    In Version 8 I had several listings packages because there are several custom fields that only apply to each listing package. Now in version 9 it look..

  •  Roy

    Login / Register page edit text

    Which file do I edit to change the text on this login/registration page?..

  •  Hesham

    Is it possible to block buyer who did not pay and charge a penalty feee.

    Hi Mark, Is it possible to charge a buyer who did not pay for an item a penalty fee after he/she won the auction ? Please tell me know how to do it, I..

  •  Roy

    Is it possible to disable Categories?

    I’m creating multiple Auctions categories but I do not want to display all of them yet (in the Add Listing page and in the search bar). Is it po..

  •  Roy

    Custom field display under category

    When creating custom fields I am selecting a DISPLAY CATEGORY. The subtitle says “Select which categories to display this field under.” An..

  •  Curtis

    Cancel bids?

    @Mark @Marie – from a topic 2 years ago from a member asked if there was a way for users to cancel or retract their bids – I cannot find a..

  •  Roy

    Cashout Requests

    In the Order manager I see Cashout Requests. How does this work? I thought if we use the PayPal gateway the payments go directly to the sellers. So wh..

  •  Roy

    Finished auction

    How do you hide a finished auction?..

  •  Roy

    Listing fee

    In version 8 I was able to set the listing fee at $0.49. Version 9 does not allow it. The listing package gets displayed as FREE when I enter $0.49. I..

  •  Roy

    Seller's personal information

    When the seller enters their paypal email in their My Details section of My Account they are required to enter their first name, last name and mobile ..

  • Anthony Anthony

    User Password and Login Credentials Error – Auction Theme

    After finally taking the plunge and turning on our NEW site, every one of our new users can not access the site. Even our own tests. The system says t..

  •  Curtis

    A few questions about shortcode [LISTINGS]

    Curious if I was to use lets say this shortcode: [LISTINGS cat=’423′ orderby=’date’ order=’desc’ show=20 grid=fals..

  •  Roy

    When does seller get paid?

    Does the payment go directly to the seller immediately when the buyer wins the auction?..

  •  Roy

    PayPal Sandbox does not load for auction payments

    I just tested 3 payments. The first two were listings and when I clicked Pay Now, the browser was directed to But when..


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