Auction Theme

  •  ppt_grantsmission17-05-19_95695113

    Listing page will no open "Description" or "Categories"

    In the auction theme, I’m trying to add a listing. On the Add Listing page, I can upload an image but the “Description” and Categori..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Buy Now Price Not Showing on Home Page Listings

    Our auction theme is not showing the Buy Now price on listings shown on the home page. it shows the bid price but NOT the Buy Now price of the item. S..

  •  ppt_grantsmission17-05-19_95695113

    Child Theme #4 Homepage Template is actually Auction Template

    When I go to Design Setup>Page Builder>install template, the template that is for the homepage is the template for the original “Auction T..

  •  John

    Buy now listing showing CURRENT BID $0

    I’ve just started using the auction theme and I’m having a bit of trouble with the buy now listings. When a user lists a product with a bu..

  •  ppt_roxyd12323-04-19_94266745

    Video Thumbnails

    How do I get video thumbnails or even the video playing from an auction showing on the home page / search results? Auctions that have only uploaded a ..

  •  ppt_pop_u230-04-19_94755642

    Where Auction length

    How config membership addlist set list auction set countdown the Auction length for 1,3,5,7,14,21 hr or Hr:MM:SS or day? Please quick feedback...

  •  ppt_roxyd12323-04-19_94266745

    Visit Profile button jumps to homepage

    The ‘Visit Profile’ button jumps to homepage on my site jumps to the homepage. I’m not sure if I’ve altered something by mista..

  •  ppt_roxyd12323-04-19_94266745

    PayPal Pay Now Button Not Working

    Apologies, I am quite new to this all. The PayPal Button to Pay Now does not appear to be working. Everything is set to Live. On an auction I created ..

  •  ppt_roxyd12323-04-19_94266745

    Private Messaging

    Is there a way to set up private messaging between users – Such as they can discuss details of auctions, etc. TIA..

  •  ppt_joe21-04-19_94248267

    City/State missing location

    Hey How can I add more states/cities to the account details drop down menu? The options currently available are all wrong. Cheers,..


    Clothes Auction not work for me

    Hi i try install the theme Clothes Auction but not work for me or send error any install good the theme thanks ...

  •  ppt_joe21-04-19_94248267

    Listing Question & Answer block

    Hi, Is there a way to add a questions and answers block where logged in users can ask a question about the product and the seller can reply with an an..


    erro the install clothes auction

    i try install the theme but sendme error for noot looking the father theme..

  •  ppt_joe21-04-19_94248267

    Move Woo Commerce Products/Categories to Auction theme

    I just installed the Auction Theme onto my wordpress site and would like to move my 200+ products and 30 categories over to the Auction theme. Is this..

  •  ppt_terjihammer06-04-19_93379256

    Translation help

    Hello I pretty new to WordPress and want some help with translation. Im having trouble translation at few stuff on my website. I have tried to use ..


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