CSS Framework

Boostrap 4.3.1

PremiumPress themes are built using Bootstrap CSS framework, check the official docs below;

Open Bootstrap Docs

CSS Loading Sequence

The framework will load CSS in the following manner;

  1. Core framework CSS.
  2. Core theme CSS.
  3. Child theme CSS.

<!-- EXAMPLE -->
<link id="framework1-css" href="framework/css/css.premiumpress.css?ver=9.3.1" rel="stylesheet">
<link id="framework1-css" href="_coupon/css.global.css?ver=9.3.1" rel="stylesheet">
<link id="framework1-css" href="childtheme_elementor_coupon2/style.css?ver=9.3.1" rel="stylesheet">

Tip Enable CSS Compression via the PremiumPress admin area to combile all CSS files into one single file.

Performance Boost!

To improve website performance the core CSS file has been minifed to reduce size and improve page loading times. A backup of all CSS is found in the “backup_css” subfolder.

<!-- framework/css/ -->
<link href="framework/css/css.premiumpress.css" rel="stylesheet">


Files Loaded From

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