WordPress Theme Update 9.1.8

Hi Guys

I am happy to announce the latest round of updates which includes a number of bug fixes, optimisation and improvements.

Version 9.1.8 fixes a number of small bugs that have been reported via the forums and ticket desk – thank you to those customers for reporting them.

Classifieds Theme Design

The default design for the classifieds theme has been updated, the old design will shortly be made available as a child theme.

Change logs include;

CORE - updated coupon code system
CORE - added in sell space advertising
CORE - my account logout display on mobile
CORE - re-designed the submission process
CORE - re-designed the membership process
CORE - PayPal cancel link update

MJ - Fixed issue with new orders not showing on workflow board

DT - added on/off for amenities.

AT - fixed feedback form 

Auto Update

As usual, the theme can be automatically updated via the admin area using the WordPress updater tool. This is found under the dashboard -> check for updates tab.

If you experience any issues while updating please contact us,

Kind Regards

Mark Fail