Responsive Framework Update (6.5.8)

June 21, 2014 / Framework Updates 3,185 readers.

This weekend i have updated the members area with the latest responsive framework downloads.

This is a minor update, there are no big changes only small modifications to existing features primarily the child theme creation tool.

Now even easier to create child themes!

The latest framework updates makes it even easier to create your own PremiumPress child themes. Watch the video tutorial below and see for yourself!

More tutorials can be found here;

updated child theme creator tool

added on/off option for user photo upload
added membership access per page
added hyper linked email for custom fields
added (order_data) shortcode for admin 'new order' email
added membership restriction for reading messages
added membership creation date for checking against existing listings (new memberships only)
added membership renewal to myaccount page
added GEO distance option to admin -> general setup tab.

ST - fixed issue with coupon code saving
DA - added extra space for new gender options

fixed issue with taxonomy list populating

language file updates

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