PremiumPress Version 10.5.0

Version 10.5.0 is now available for download.

This is a PremiumPress theme update and includes new features, bug fixes 🐞 and overall theme improvements. 😊

Website Thumbnails API

This feature is currently only available for the directory theme. It will allow you to choose from a list of screenshot API providers and capture website screenshots instead of the user having to upload their own image. This is a popular option for link directory websites. 🔥

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New Service Display Options

This feature is currently only available for the directory theme. This new feature will allow users to add-on services to their directory listing display. This is ideal for displaying menu items, custom pricing options and/or extra services or activities that the business might offer.

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Maximum Listings Restrictions

This user requested feature will allow you to set the maximum number of listings a member can create as part of their membership.

Once this has been reached they cannot add any more listings and will be forced to upgrade.

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One-click Tax Setup

This new feature saves you time setting up tax states manually, our one-click option will auto import the latest tax options for available countries.

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Fixed & Percentage House Commission

We have extended the existing house commission system and included a new fixed commission option. This new option gives website owners the ability to choose between a fixed commission amount or a percentage of the total sale price. 💪

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New Email Notifications

The new email notification system will email users every time a new listing is created within their match criteria. For example, if they want to be notified when a new listing is added to a specific category or a new male/female user creates account (dating theme) they now can.

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Question: How do you update to version 10.5.0

All version 10 customers can update their theme via the admin area of your WordPress website under the Dashboard -> updates tab. 👍


Thank you again for your continued support. 🍺🍺

Any questions just us know.

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