New Update – Version 9.3.1

August 26, 2019 / Framework Updates 16,988 readers.

The latest round of software updates has now been released and Version 9.3.1 brings with it a lot of new and exciting enhancements.

One thing you’ll notice about the new version is the redesign of the “design setup” interface.

New Update - Version 9.3.1

Going forward we will be producing a lot more Elementor templates which allow you to fully customize more of the core content. This update improves alot of the existing functionality and creates a better foundation for developing improved designs.

Bug fixes

Version 9.3.0 has a few bugs that this version also squashes, these include;

fixed bug with deleting user fields
fixed bug with user uploads
fixed bug with CSS changes for header
fixed advertising (sell space) on/off button
fixed bug with mobile header
How do i update to version 9.3.0?

Take a quick look at the video below if your unsure how our update process work;

Any issues please let me know;

Kind Regards

Mark Fail

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