Shopping Cart Theme for WordPress

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Start your own ecommerce website right now with this powerful online shopping cart theme for WordPress.

Ideal for affiliates websites and traditional ecommerce stores this theme includes everything you need to start selling products and services online right now, today!

Not only is this theme fun and quick to setup its completely SEO friendly helping your website rank quickly in top search engines like Google and Yahoo. Give it a try today!

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wordpress shop theme

ecommerce stores in minutes with our shop theme

Sell your products and services online with this shopping cart theme

  • Easy Install & Setup
  • Easy To Customize
  • Easy To Manage
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Setup and running in minutes!

No technical skills needed

Theme installation is a breeze and we even offer an installation service should you prefer our trained staff to take care of setup for you.

Built-in shopping cart

Our theme has a fully functional built in shopping cart system with payment gateways, stock management, checkout, tax and shipping. Just as you would expect in any shopping cart script.

Ideal for ecommerce & affiliate stores

Our shopping cart theme supports both traditional ecommerce style websites as well as affiliate and online boucher/catalog stores.

shopping cart theme

Customize your ecommerce website

Point and click

You have complete control over the look and feel of your website, design and layout, website text, colors and content.

Extra child themes

Every purchase includes 10+ extra website designs so you choose a suitable design for your niche market or setup multiple sites with different designs.

100% Open source codes

Our shop theme comes with open source code which means you can customize and modify the theme anyway you like or hire developers to add-on extras for you.

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Powerful management tools

Complete administration panel

This theme comes with an advanced admin area management interface allowing you to easily manage your website and users.

One-Click Installation + sample data

Our one-click installation makes setup quick and easy, it will even install sample data and settings to get you started right away!

Easy on/off website options

You can choose which features and functionality you want displayed on your website with our easy to use, on/off admin options.

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Support at your figure tips

24/7 online support

We have trained technical staff working 24/7 to ensure you receive quality and friendly support whenever you need it.

Online community forum

Chat with other users and ask questions in our active community forum free for all our customers.

YouTube video tutorials

Watch and learn at your own pace with our large collection of helpful video tutorials.

premiumpress shop theme

Online Shopping Cart Theme

Everything you need to setup your own ecommerce website and start selling online today!

  • Shopping Cart + Checkout
  • Tax & Shipping
  • Payment & Coupons
  • Invoices & Orders

Hassle free ecommerce websites!

Built-in shopping cart

Not only is this a search engine friendly WordPress theme, but it has everything you need to start selling online without the need for bulky plugins or paid extras.

Product discounts & attributes

Setup your products with their own special discounts and attributes such as color options, sizes, additional features etc. You can setup as many as you like and adjust them any time.

Stock management

When setting up your store products simply assign a QTY value and the Shopping Cart for WordPress system will ensure your stock amounts are kept up dated when new orders are placed

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Quick and easy tax & shipping

Taxes & VAT

We have a all the tax options you'll need with additional extras such as flat rate tax, country/region or even per product.

Shipping options

This shopping cart theme has built in shipping options which include regional, weight based shipping, free and flat rate shipping or country based shipping.

Free Shipping Over $$$

Why not offer your customers shipping discounts if they order over $$$, with our shopping cart theme you can!

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Accepting payment online

Paypal built in + 25+ extra gateways

Our Shopping Cart for WordPress supports 20+ different payment providers including PayPal and 2checkout. All orders can be viewed via the admin area and invoices issues and printed.

Coupon & Discount Codes

With this theme you can setup your own coupon/discount codes that you can distribute online or give to your loyal customers so they can get discounts when buying from your store. You can even seen how many times a coupon has been used.

Multiple Payment Options

You can setup multiple payment gateways giving your customers more chose when it comes to checkout.

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Admin & user invoices

Member account areas

Your customers will each have their access to an account area where they can upload a photos, view recent order history and manage their account/ shipping details.

Email, newsletter & order manager

This theme has a built in order manager allowing the administrators to view and keep track of payments. You can also send email reminders to users about upcoming renewals and send bulk emails with your own sales content and website promotions.


Users can view their invoices via their account area and the administrators can print and email invoices to users.

member access

PremiumPress V.I.P Package

Our VIP package includes all our themes + child themes.

25+ Payment Gateways Included with this theme!

This theme comes with 25+ different payment gateways making it easy for you to get setup accepting payments online.

We have PayPal built-in which accepts recurring payments so you can automate the listing renewal process for your users.

You can pick and choose any gateway you like and allow users to select from any of the active gateway you've enabled giving users more payment choices.

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Optimized for Mobile Devices

All PremiumPress themes are fully responsive making them look stunning on any device.


Your ecommerce store in any language!

Our WordPress shopping cart theme uses .po .mo language files allowing you to easily customize text or translate the entire website into your own language.

We even have a 'live editor' option that allows you to customize website text, content and buttons live while you browse the website as the administrator.

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wordpress shop theme

Compatible with popular WordPress plugins

This shopping cart theme supports all the popular WordPress plugins so you can enhance and add-on new features without worrying about compatibility.

We even have a collection of free plugins that are designed for our customers to help extend their websites with popular requested features.

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Are you an affiliate marketer?

We have free plugins for importing affiliate products into our shopping cart theme

Shopping cart theme Online Demo

Test drive our shopping cart online demo.

Shop theme child themes

There are 10+ different store designs included with this WordPress Shopping Cart theme.