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Affiliate coupon websites made easy with this coupon theme for WordPress.

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  • Easy Install & Setup
  • Easy To Customize
  • Easy To Manage
  • 24/7 Support

Setup and running in minutes!

No technical skills needed

Theme installation is a breeze and we even offer an installation service should you prefer our trained staff to take care of setup for you.

Unlimited Installations

Setup 1 or 1,000 websites with a single license. As long as you own the websites you can setup as many coupon websites as you like.

One-Click Installation + sample data

Our one-click installation makes setup quick and easy, it will even install sample data and settings to get you started right away!

coupon script

Customize your coupon website

Point and click

You have complete control over the look and feel of your website, design and layout, website text, colors and content.

30+ child themes

Every purchase includes 30+ extra website designs so you choose a suitable design for your niche market or setup multiple sites with different designs.

100% Open source codes

All our themes come with open source code which means you can customize and modify the theme anyway you like or hire developers to add-on extras for you.

online coupon site

Powerful management tools

Complete administration panel

This theme comes with an advanced admin area management interface allowing you to easily manage your website and users.

Custom registration and custom fields

You can create your own registration fields and listing fields to fully customize your website for any niche market.

Advanced search tool

You can setup and create your own advanced search options allowing users to fully search your website and contents.

coupon software

Support at your figure tips

24/7 online support

We have trained technical staff working 24/7 to ensure you receive quality and friendly support whenever you need it.

Online community forum

Chat with other users and ask questions in our active community forum free for all our customers.

YouTube video tutorials

Watch and learn at your own pace with our large collection of helpful video tutorials.

premiumpress Coupon Theme

Make Money Online. #1 Coupon Theme

We have monetized our coupon theme to help you generate more revenue online

  • Coupon Setup & Stores
  • Listings & Memberships
  • Advertising Space
  • Email Marketing & Orders

Your coupon website, your rules!

Click to reveal, copy & open

Our coupon theme comes with multiple configuration options so you can choose which setup you want. Click-to-copy allows users to copy the coupon directly to their clipboard, click-to-reveal will show them the coupon code after they open the affiliate link and click-to-open will open the coupon in a new window.

Printable coupons

No coupon website would be complete without printable coupon options and we have this built-in so you don't have to pay extra.

Stores & store pages

Our coupon theme includes dedicated store pages which means you can group coupons by their respective store making it better for SEO and easier for users looking for a specific discount/offer.

coupon listing

Give users membership access

Website membership plans

Membership plans allow you to bundle listings and website access together. As a user with membership access you can submit multiple listings, read/send private messages and access restricted content.

Restricted content access

You can create private content such as videos, downloads, blog content then restrict this content to different membership levels so users can choose to upgrade their membership to access better content.

Multiple listings

Memberships allow you to bulk sell listing packages so rather than paying per listing, they can have X number of listings includes with a membership.

google map support

Make $$$ with advertising

Per category coupon advertising

You can setup your own advertising displays per category helping you target users based on their viewing content and category choices.

Widget Sidebars

Widget sidebars allow you to insert adverting's banners and code anywhere you want within your website sidebars throughout your website. This means you can select individual pages to display advertising banners.

Sell space advertising

Sell space is a powerful advertising system we have built into our coupon theme that allows your users to pay for advertising on your website.

coupon advertising

Admin & user secure pages

Member account areas

Your coupon website users will each have their own access to an account area where they can upload a photos, view and create listing, recent order history and manage their account details.

Email, newsletter & order manager

This theme has a built in order manager allowing the administrators to view and keep track of payments. You can also send email reminders to users about upcoming renewals and send bulk emails with your own sales content and website promotions.


Users can view their invoices via their account area and the administrators can print and email invoices to users.

member access

20+ Extra Coupon Website Designs Free!

This coupon Theme for WordPress includes lots of extra designs for you to choose from!

Compatible with popular WordPress plugins

Our coupon theme supports all the popular WordPress plugins so you can enhance and add-on new features without worrying about compatibility.

We even have a collection of free plugins that are designed for our customers to help extend their websites with popular requested features.

WordPress plugins

Try our Coupon Theme right now!

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5 / 5

The PremiumPress range of themes are simply astounding. By using the incredibly popular Wordpress CMS, these themes transform a simple blog into a fully featured platform to launch your shop, directory or even your own coupon store. The possibiliies are endless.

2010-05-29 12:21:09
5 / 5

It took me less than a week to setup Coupon @ Justspree.

Good product but with some minor glitches on submitting coupon that I hope it can be fixed soon.

2010-07-15 19:22:49
5 / 5

I am an affiliiate and having been looking for a script that will enable me to post coupons. This is great especially with the integration of the coupon services "Icodes" which I am yet to use. Currently, I am finding my way around thew script with my little knowledge of wordpress. Thanks.

2010-07-21 22:02:44
5 / 5

Coupon Press has worked great. Integration was very easy, and uploading new coupons is a breeze!

2010-07-19 19:18:47
5 / 5

Thank you
I want to say thank you mark for the work you do and continue to do via updating couponpress as I can always be sure I have the latest theme to work with wordpress.

2010-07-01 10:04:22
5 / 5

Hi Mark,

Thank you, Go on with what you do and give us a solid and stable
platform to make money with so that we can buy more
nice product of you.

Greetings from Holland

Milo Baron

2010-04-10 09:59:57
5 / 5

By using this theme I have started to get 30 to 50 visitors a day. This is a coupon site in which I sell the service to local businesses. Very good theme to get you making money fast.

2010-03-16 20:20:19
5 / 5

I think that the coupon script is a nice software.

2010-08-10 13:33:46
5 / 5

We are just came into this field and we are using coupon press theme upto now are happy to use it.

2010-04-22 05:16:51
5 / 5

Still working on getting things going, but impressed so far!

2010-08-11 00:59:45
5 / 5

Easy to install and SEO friendly, couponpress is a very nice software!

2010-05-06 09:39:20
5 / 5

Easy to install and SEO friendly, couponpress is a very nice software!

2010-05-06 09:39:20
5 / 5

I really love the themesI thought i couldnt create my own website.. but this is everything. it helps alot and really love the themes.

2010-10-21 09:55:44
5 / 5

Amazing SoftwareVery easy to install, customize and translate, CouponPress is a great platform. Thank you for this amazing software !

2010-10-22 18:25:42
5 / 5

Easy to create coupon websites.Great WordPress that can help us to build coupon site in minute

2010-06-10 12:50:11
5 / 5

Profession looking websites!Coupon Press provided a professional looking website with quick and easy setup.

2010-11-10 08:06:49
5 / 5

Love CouponPress!I love using Coupon Press for my website it makes everything so much easier.

2010-02-27 00:12:53
5 / 5

Amazing theme!Couponpress is an amazing Wordpress theme, allows you to quickly get your voucher code site up and running.

2010-06-07 12:18:54
5 / 5

CouponPress is great!Great idea, very useful and powerful if used with the right combination of wordpress plug ins.

2010-09-20 14:34:00
5 / 5

Fantastic!!Mark Fail's products are fantastic. I just wish I purchased the complete bundle! His product will save you plenty of time on writing code! Warm regards, Mark

2010-10-01 15:46:19
5 / 5

Easy to use and install.
Great software im just loving working with it.

2010-12-08 14:34:22
5 / 5

Very good!Very good....and compatible with the most usefull wordpress plug ins.

2010-09-20 14:34:00
5 / 5

Just what i was looking for!i'm a french user of coupon press. Coupon Press is the theme i was looking for.

2010-11-16 13:23:53
5 / 5

Reall great product thanks!Excelent product! Thanks from Couponfor.Me

2010-08-14 06:08:31
5 / 5

Loving It!I'm loving CouponPress so far. I'm just getting started but already it is making things a lot easier. I've put up small coupon sites before but I wanted to start a bigger site and this theme has definitely helped me to get started a lot faster.

2011-01-18 20:36:19
5 / 5

I was shocked at how easily I was able to set up my coupon codes site with this script. It was so easy. So much so that I have now purchased the Shopperpress script for my next project.

Thanks Mark

2010-12-01 02:50:45
5 / 5

Love this theme! I was able to create and configured my website exactly how I wanted it to work in less than 1 days work.

2010-05-20 11:21:49
5 / 5

Love this theme! I was able to create and configured my website exactly how I wanted it to work in less than 1 days work.

2010-05-20 11:21:49
5 / 5

it's impressive how coupon press is easy to use ! very glad to buy my couponpress website template.

2011-01-10 18:06:02
5 / 5

i made a new one also ! coupron press still formiable !

2010-11-16 13:23:53
5 / 5

Excellent coupon script! Very easy to install and extremely user friendly! The video tutorials were very useful. Thank you so much!!!

2011-02-04 01:02:22
5 / 5

Coupon Press has helped us Define who we are with an easy to use theme that works out of the box!

2010-04-15 09:39:57
5 / 5

We are very happy with the Coupon Press product here at This theme and the wordpress platform has really been helpful to us in our efforts.

Thank you!

2011-02-07 17:11:00
5 / 5

I am still in the process of configuring my site. After long deliberation between WPCoupon and Coupress, I decided to purchase this product to begin my new venture.

2011-02-28 22:22:30
5 / 5

Simply couldn't be happier with CouponPress - it's everything we needed wrapped up into one easy-to-use Wordpress theme. Fantastic!!


2011-02-24 15:22:01
5 / 5

Using CouponPress is an amazing piece of software that surpasses all expectations.

2011-03-03 15:40:40
5 / 5

Was using a custom coupon site before. Can't say how much better couponpress is.

5 / 5

Your wordpress themes are easy to configure. I just purchase your shopperpress

2010-09-21 09:26:06
5 / 5 - streetwear and urban culture coupon codes, sales, special events, and promotions

2011-03-11 19:54:58
5 / 5

I found this theme very easy to use and it presents the offers in a great way. Another thing I liked is that snce this is a wordpress theme, its so easy to be ranked on the internett since all new offers will be pinged to the search engines.

2010-07-13 19:06:50
5 / 5

Great software and very easy to use

2010-12-29 06:27:38
5 / 5
2011-03-28 09:19:44
5 / 5
2011-03-28 09:19:44