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SEO friendly auction websites in minutes with this WordPress theme.

Version 8.9.4 - Released: - $79 In stock
  • Easy Install & Setup
  • Easy To Customize
  • Easy To Manage
  • 24/7 Support

Setup and running in minutes!

No technical skills needed

Theme installation is a breeze and we even offer an installation service should you prefer our trained staff to take care of setup for you.

Unlimited Installations

Setup 1 or 1,000 websites with a single license. As long as you own the websites you can setup as many auction websites as you like.

One-Click Installation + sample data

Our one-click installation makes setup quick and easy, it will even install sample data and settings to get you started right away!

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Customize your auction website

Point and click

You have complete control over the look and feel of your website, design and layout, website text, colors and content.

30+ child themes

Every purchase includes 30+ extra website designs so you choose a suitable design for your niche market or setup multiple sites with different designs.

100% Open source codes

All our themes come with open source code which means you can customize and modify the theme anyway you like or hire developers to add-on extras for you.

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Powerful management tools

Complete administration panel

This theme comes with an advanced admin area management interface allowing you to easily manage your website and users.

Custom registration and custom fields

You can create your own registration fields and listing fields to fully customize your website for any niche market.

Advanced search tool

You can setup and create your own advanced search options allowing users to fully search your website and contents.

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Support at your figure tips

24/7 online support

We have trained technical staff working 24/7 to ensure you receive quality and friendly support whenever you need it.

Online community forum

Chat with other users and ask questions in our active community forum free for all our customers.

YouTube video tutorials

Watch and learn at your own pace with our large collection of helpful video tutorials.

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Everything Built-in. #1 Auction Theme

Starting your own auction website has never been easier!

  • Auction bidding system
  • Messaging & Feedback
  • Listings & Membership
  • Invoices & Orders

Going, going, GONE!

Built-in bidding options

This auction theme has a built in bidding system allowing members to place their highest bid and the system will auto bid for them. They can also set shipping costs, reserve and buy now auction prices.

House commission & 'Terms & Conditions'

As the owner of your very own auction website you can setup a house commission percentage which means sellers will pay you a % for all auctions sold. You can also setup and enter your own website terms and conditions.

Re-listing tools

As the website owner you can choose to allow sellers who have listed auction item that have not sold to re-list their items for free.

auction listing

Communication is key

Feedback & trust meter

Our auction theme includes user a dedicated user feedback system which means users can leave feedback about their experiences with sellers and buyers which in turn will create a trust meter so other buyers can see how trust worthy the sellers area.

Private messaging

This theme has a built-in private messaging system which allows buyers and sellers to communicate and ask questions about auction items, shipping etc. As the website owner you can also limit access to this feature by using membership packages charging users extra $$$ to use this feature.

google map support

Charge $$$ for auction listings

Free & paid listing packages

Setup free and/or paid listing packages for users to add their own listings to your auction website. You can create as many listing packages as you like all with different features and prices.

Listing enhancements

Allow users to upgrade their listings with popular listing enhancements such as Google maps, highlighted listings, top of category and more!

Website membership plans

Membership plans allow you to bundle listings and website access together. As a user with membership access you can submit multiple listings, read/send private messages and access restricted content.

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Admin & user invoices

Member account areas

Your auction website users will each have access to an account area where they can upload a photos, view and create listing, recent order history and manage their account details.

Email, newsletter & order manager

This theme has a built in order manager allowing the administrators to view and keep track of payments. You can also send email reminders to users about upcoming renewals and send bulk emails with your own sales content and website promotions.


Users can view their invoices via their account area and the administrators can print and email invoices to users.

member access

20+ Extra Auction Website Designs Free!

This Auction Theme for WordPress includes lots of extra designs for you to choose from!

Compatible with popular WordPress plugins

This auction theme supports all the popular WordPress plugins so you can enhance and add-on new features without worrying about compatibility.

We even have a collection of free plugins that are designed for our customers to help extend their websites with popular requested features.

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