Would this be suitable for podcasts/live streaming?

  • Trevor
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    Just curious if anyone who uses this theme knows if this would be good to use as stated in the title?

    Thinking of doing a ‘radio station’ that would have live broadcasts along with hosting stored and streamed content.

    Could the music theme do this or is it only capable of playing back pre-recorded audio tracks. Would I be looking at implementing a live streaming player into the site?

    But yes, over all would this theme be good as the base of a ‘radio’ site?

    Appreciate your feedback in advance.

    Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee
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    As far as I know you can embed Streamup live streams directly into your website and its free. Google ‘Streamup’, sign up and give it a go. I plan to use it once they’ve released the android app and its bugs have been ironed out.

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