Suggestions for Memberships and or single listings packages

  • Randall
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    I would like to know if anyone has a success story for setting up Listing Package vs. Membership packages or even a reply on how you have used both options successfully?

    What steps did you take to get it to function? Of course, I’ve seen a lot of site not charging anything so this is for those that are… please share you configuration, please.

    Thank you,

    Super Guru
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    Hello Randall
    You can display both Listing Packages and Membership Packages during the listing adding process so your users can have the option to select which they prefer
    You could also create a Listing Package then link it to a Membership Package,turn off the option to display Membership Packages during submission,this way when a user selects a the Listing Package during submission they will also be selecting the Membership package linked to it

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