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  • Rob
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    Hi Guys,

    Just updated from unresponsive version to the latest responsive couponpress.
    At the same time have updated to https:

    URL: https://t-shirt.co.uk/

    Far from perfect just now I know, but at least I have ticked the boxes in terms of being mobile friendly and secure.

    Things I want to do:
    1) Update header. I have the image just can’t see where to add in back-end.
    2) Change generic background image on main banner. Going to try the page builder plugin.
    3) Store logos bigger and ensure store name not “cut-off”!
    4) Figure out why different font is used on mobile view.
    5) Change use of “wand” for click to reveal button on mobile view.
    6) Stop the button text and voucher code being cut off in mobile view.

    All feedback and tips gratefully received!

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    Hello Rob,
    Q1.Add header image from Appearance >Customize or Theme Setup >Advertising Setup >Banner or Theme Setup >Top Navigation
    Q2.Change banner under Design Setup >Homepage >Customize >Main Banner Block >Background Image
    or >>http://www.premiumpress.com/forums/topic/banner-background-help-pls/
    Q3.Have a look at this >>http://www.premiumpress.com/forums/topic/store-thumbnail-size-on-default/
    Q4.Which section do you want to change font type so I can provide code
    Q5.Q6. Have a look at this >>http://www.premiumpress.com/forums/topic/mobile-view-fonts-and-the-wand/

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