PHP 7.1 + CouponPress X.X?

  • Rob
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    Hi All,

    Scenario: Currently running PHP 5.6 with CouponPress 8.0
    Would like to run PHP 7.1 but unsure if this will give me issues on

    1) CouponPress 8.0
    2) CouponPress 8.96 if I was to update that also.

    Any thoughts or experience? :)

    Many Thanks,


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    Hello Rob,

    Unfortunately, I have no experience to say what type potential issues/risks for an upgrade like that would be.

    I believe this is the first version (the latest as of today) when PHP 7 started to be supported, so you would want to go with the 8.9.7 if you do decide.

    PremiumPress 8.9.7 Released + PHP 7.x Support

    Food for thought: You can try to wait for the v9 release if you wanted, which you may want to do since either upgrade from v6 will be significant. Also keep in mind that we don’t know what type of issues to expect and/or how stable v9 will initially be.

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