Override Category Functions in class_admin.php

  • Brian
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    I want to add extra fields to the store category page. I have made it work by directly modifying the CP/framework/class/class_admin.php file. However, I would like to override the functions:
    my_category_fields() and wlt_update_icon_fields()

    I tried doing do with the child theme’s function file but that doesn’t work and I found in another forum post that it’s not possible to override framework functions since the are not in the root directory of the theme.

    I then looked at the CP/framework/class/class_hooks_filters.php file for a hook/filter that I could use but I didn’t find anything that looked appropriate.

    I would like to avoid direct modifications to core files if possible to avoid overwrites with theme updates. Any other suggestions?

    Super Guru
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    Just create a childtheme and copy the taxonomy.php from the parent theme to the childtheme and name it taxonomy-store.php

    This file will then override the taxonomy template for stores only so it can be edited with ease.

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