need help for bug player and various modifications

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    I just bought the video theme and am a little lost …

    My first question:

    -> on the basic theme (import of datas), in home page, the videos are displayed with the meta data + the stars rating.

    By using the premiumpress builder and by displaying the videos in list mode we have more than the ratings stars and the rest of the data of the video …

    How to do ?

    -> I host my videos, so I put the url of my video in “Embed Link SRC (no HTML)”

    The message display for guest users (set to 20 sec) does not work!
    When I test with a url youtube it works, so there is a bug!

    If you have the solution, I wait for it.

    -> I would also like this message on the video to display a functional registration form (so do not return to the register page) AND which allows me to send the pseudo + email in coregistration to a sponsor.

    I need your help to make these changes otherwise I will have to ask for a refund because the theme does not suit my needs.

    Thank you in advance.

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