Listing 'Toolbox' doesn't always work.

  • Steve
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    Hi, so on some of my website listing pages the Toolbox that appears under the ‘Description’ tab does not seem to work. Users are not able to click the ‘Print this page’ and ‘Add to favourites’ sections.

    For example here is a website listing where the Toolbox works fine:

    And here is a listing where the Toolbox doesn’t work:

    Is there a specific reason why most other listing Toolbox’s dont work?
    Is there a certain short code I can use make the ‘Print this page’ and ‘Add to favourites’ appear wherever I add the code? If so I would just remove the toolbox and use these 2 buttons somewhere else on the listing page.

    (Btw I use the child theme June Directory 2016 if it makes any difference)
    Thanks in advance.

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    hi steve,

    there must some codes conflicting it. Try to check the description for and see if it has some unnecessary HTML codes in it

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    Hi, sorry for the delayed update. What you said worked perfect, I didn’t realise there was HTML in there. I apologise for such the noob question.

    Thank you for your help!

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