How to compare products!

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How to compare products!

February 13, 2018

  • Umair
    Newbie 1 points

    I cant get through to the customer support as they always seem to be “helping someone” i turn to you for guidance. I have no idea on how to actually compare products. When listing products such as Spa #1 and Spa #2. When i view Spa #1 I cannot compare with Spa #2 and so on and so forth.

    Can someone please help me as this is for my final year project degree!

    February 13, 2018 at 2:38 pm
  • Liz
    Elite Member 441 points

    Hi Sweetie, I am not from Support.

    However I will try to help you, as you could be waiting a long time.

    I notice you are new, so I will explain something to help. This forum is commonly used for members and premium press customers to help each other (IF) others see
    your post and happen to know the answer.

    Support tickets on the other hand which you will find in your account members
    area you will see a button or link to create a new support ticket.

    Right now, you have only mentioned, that you have no idea how to compare products, then you mention spa 1 spa 2 and spa 3. so I assume you mean product comparisons

    confirm what theme you are using?, and provide more detail if needed,
    then anybody who sees you post has a better chance of being able to answer it.

    If you mean the function in your shop theme of being able to compare 3 products side by side, I don’t think the shop theme has that kind of functionality to do that.
    There should be video tutorials inside you theme dashboard.


    February 14, 2018 at 10:18 am
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