Hide "Change Location" – A better way!

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    I found a better way to remove the “Change Location” link in the header navigation.

    If there is a problem with this method, please post it here.

    Many here are telling us to put #core_header_navigation { display: none; } in the custom CSS box, but that removes the whole header navigation so you can’t use it for links. And #core_header_navigation a { display: none; } removes all header links, even your menu links if you’re using them.

    Here’s my solution…

    Step 1 – Go to Theme Setup – Language Setup. Search for “Change Location”. When you find it, in the blank box next to it, just put a blank space in there with your space bar. That gets rid of the “Change Location” text link in the header.

    Step 2 – To get rid of the little flag, just go to the Custom CSS box and place in there the following code…

    .flag { display: none; }


    I hope in the future they give the “Change Location” text it’s own CSS selector so it can be removed easily within CSS. The only other way, as of now, is to remove the whole header via CSS, remove all the links in the header with CSS or modify a core file.

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    Thanks for sharing Chuck :)

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    Cheers Chuck i just did mine. Appreciated

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    Thank you. You made my day!

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