GEO Listings, possible to show "nearby" listing?

  • Stephan
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    My site is a directory of living communities. All of the communities have addresses, City, ST, Zip.

    Is it possible to show nearby communities if there are no listings currently in the city or zip they’re searching for? Is there a Theme that best fits this?

    2 main scenarios:

    User searches by city or zip, instead of SERP showing 0 results show communities in the next town or within 10 mi, 20 mi, etc

    City Page: user clicks to the page for their desired city, same issue as above.


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    Hi Stephen,

    by default the theme does not have this. You can modify the file content-listing-directory.php for this and change the last code where it will display zero result OR you can modify the code from the search-noresult.php file

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