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    I have just purchased the dating theme and over all its a bit confusing with listings etc..because they should be profiles…but neither here nor question is..I have looked at hours and hours of support forum stuff copied tonnes of code to maybe use in future…but when I look at some of the issues I am wondering “Am I going to run into all these”..cuz some of the posts are old some when Mark leaves a link for a plugin to use it no longer that becuase the issues are now fixed and dont need one?…i can lay a wordpress site in an hour manually…but with the themes its a bit confusing the terminology as my theme is termed for framework of classifieds..but I am starting to get it..perhaps a video examples of setting up the dating site with each page to show the flow ..I figure it should be as simple as going to the made pages already with child theme and throw in the fields what you want..while it maintains all functions..lots of tweaks are necessary…but all this is just my two cents to maybe help others to…to know what to expect…I like the themes for the functions…just wish dating one was more simple as I have to figure out what I am replacing listings = profiles..etc…but thanks for the time from all whom try to helps others like me…cheers

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    Hello Julian,
    The theme might look a little confusing at first but once you play around with it you realize its actually very easy to use.Trust me even the Super Gurus in this group all started there :)

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