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  • Mike
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    So I am looking to import listings from a 3rd party client.

    I know I can add an expiry date using


    …in order to have the listings deleted once they are out of date.

    If I wanted to use the settings comprised on a Package type – do I use the ID number of the:

    Listing Package or

    Membership Package

    I have both types. Any advice would be welcome!

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    If you are importing listings than you would add the Listing Package id. If you are importing users, you would add the Membership Package id.

    Listings have nothing to do with memberships and users have nothing to do with listings (apart from possibly being an author).

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    @Mark – That is somewhat perplexing.

    I allocated a number associated with a Listing Package which had an 35 day expiry and then to delete upon expiry.

    In tests – I also added the custom field:


    ….and set a date/time against that field manually.

    Having done this latter – would this overwrite the expiry date associated with the Package ID I allocated?

    Thus if I had simply allocated the original Listing Package ID – all the parameters including the 35 day expiry condition – would work fine?

    It seems in tests that I can actually apply a manual expiry date and associate this with any given import.

    Does that makes sense? Or am I missing the correct process?

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