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    I am wondering to customize contact form on listing page. I am using Classified Theme. Can you tell me which file do I need to customize? and Hints would be appreciated !
    The reason for I want to update is
    – When visitor fill out and try to contact listing author,
    Website admin email address will use on email
    when listing author reply, email will send to website admin , Not to whoever fill out that contact form.

    That’s ridiculous.
    On next version please fix this.
    [ NOTE: don’t want to use third parties plugin ]

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    Hello Suman,
    File to edit is CT >framework >class >class_shortcodes.php

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    Hiya Josh.

    As the dates have been removed from here I cannot tell when the above was mentioned.

    I guess question is, has this been altered for new Release ?

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    I think it works the way it does because if the From email address has the same domain as the website it is being sent from it is less likely to end up in spam.
    I think the correct thing to do is for Mark to add Reply To address to the email and set this to whoever filled out form so when listing owner hits reply it goes to the correct person.
    I modified my own website to add Reply To field by making mods in class_core – not ideal.

    If anyone is playing with version 9 could they check how it works there. If it still works as Suman reported then we need to report to Mark and get him to add Reply To field.

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