Coupon Listing (Mobile Display Clarity) – Hide Content, Tidy Votes & Button

  • Justin
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    Hi, I’m trying to improve the mobile version and particularly the coupon listing on this, the display is too long for mobile and would lok better if more succinct/compact. If anyone has any ideas that’d be great. (please see screenshot)

    1. How can I cut out completely the main coupon post content. Or make it more succinct, no line breaks or less lines till read more more.

    I removed this <?php if(!isset($GLOBALS[‘flag-single’])){ ?>[CONTENT readmore=1 size=100 striptags=1]<?php }else{ ?>[CONTENT] <?php } ?> and added [EXCERPT size=50] I also played with the size but nothing happened.

    reduce text length

    2. In mobile the click to copy button is small, if this says ‘visit site’ it cuts the word out. How can I make this more clear.

    3. The votes number is also partially hidden.

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