Country and State/Region Drop-down not prompting 'Please Complete all fields'

  • Enrick
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    Using the lates Shop Theme 8.9.6 and having issues with Country and State/Region fields not populating the ‘Please Complete All Fields’ prompt when left empty under Checkout>Delivery Details. This is a required field but it’s not working properly.

    This is very important entry to be filled since we are using the Country Shipping Rate and Weight Based Shipping and if the customer failed to select the country or state, then it post incorrect shipping cost. Our website was previously on ver 8.1 and was working fine until we update it to the latest version.

    Please help, how do we fix the Country and State/Region field to trigger as a required filled?

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    Same here.
    This is a MAJOR BUG as it allows people to bypass the shipping costs. :(

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    Why doesn’t any one respond to this, I am having the same problem and i’m losing a lot of money.

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